Switzerland vs. Latvia Tip, Prognosis & Odds 05/23/2023 (2023)

European champion in 1926 and runner-up in the world in 1935, 2012 and 2018. There were also silver medals at the Olympic Games in 1928 and 1948, both at home in St. Moritz. To date, these are the greatest successes of the Swiss ice hockey team. Perhaps the first world championship title will appear on the letterhead this year. Before the last group game between Switzerland and Latvia, you can definitely think about a tip on the gold medal for the Alpine republic.

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    Switzerland v Latvia odds | 3 top tipsOur Switzerland - Latvia tip in odds comparison 05/23/2023 – 1/2Switzerland - Latvia Head to Head Comparison / H2H Balance

In addition to the United States in the parallel group, the Eisgenossen are the best team in the so farIce Hockey World Championship 2023 in Latvia and Finland. After six group games, the Swiss have a great 18 points. This means that all six regular-time games so far have been won, and not just against underdogs. Among others, Switzerland also won against the Czech Republic and Canada.

The situation is much more complicated for the host Latvians. At the moment the Balts have eleven points in their account. Slovakia has eight points, but won the direct duel against the Latvians. If the Slovaks win against Norway in regulation time at lunchtime, they will temporarily pass the Latvians due to the direct comparison and have good prospects of advancing to the quarter-finals alongside Switzerland, Canada and the Czech Republic.

Switzerland v Latvia odds | 3 top tips

Victory Latvia (H/A)3.30


Lettland (1/X/2)4.65


Under 5.5 goals1.86



Betting odds as of: 05/22/2023, 18:56

But if the Norwegians take a point from the Slovakians, then the World Cup hosts can go into the last match completely relaxed. But if the Balts have to score points against the apparently overpowering Swiss, then the World Cup could well be over for Latvia after this match. How the competition is playing is hard to say. In the duel between Switzerland and Latviabut we give a clear prediction of a victory for the ice comrades.

Our value tip:

Lettland (1/X/2)
at Betano to 4.65

Bei Betano laws

Betting odds as of: 05/22/2023, 18:56

Switzerland vs. Latvia Tip, Prognosis & Odds 05/23/2023 (4)Switzerland – Stats & Current Form

It wasn't just since this World Cup that we've known what the Swiss national team is capable of. In the preliminary round, the ice comrades have always been top in recent years, but when it comes down to it in the playoffs, nerves might fail here and there. There's no other way to explain why you don't have a World Cup title yet.

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Nati a power in group games

Not only that the Swiss have won all six group games in this tournament so far.The national team has even won the last 16 games in the preliminary round since 2021and thus swung up to a title candidate in each case. In the last four major tournaments, however, the quarter-finals ended. The Swiss already have this for sure and maybe head coach Patrick Fischer will rotate a bit in the last game against the Latvians in order to be able to go into the playoffs with the necessary freshness.

"A record is cool, but it's much cooler that we win the games. That counts."

In Group B, the Swiss have scored the most goals and conceded the fewest goals in Latvia with a goal difference of 26:6. Perhaps the best match of this tournament was delivered by the Eisgenossen last Sunday, when they defeated the Czechs 4:2. The match winner was 39-year-old veteran Anders Ambühl, who scored two goals.

In the meantime, Anders Ambühl has 313 international matches under his belt and has set a new Swiss record with 144 points. The attacker from HC Davos scored 27 times in 18 World Cup appearances alone. This makes us think about allocating the odds to a goal by the veteran in the game between Switzerland and Latvia.

The squad of Switzerland:

Goal: Mayer, van Pottelberghe, Genoni
Defense: Kukan, Geisser, Glauser, Fora, Marti, Loeffel, Moser, Siegenthaler
Attack: Riat, Ambühl, Senteler, Hischier, Fiala, Niederreiter, Simion, Malgin, Herzog, Corvi, Richard, Thürkauf, Bertschy, Haas, Miranda
Head Coach: Fischer

Last matches of Switzerland:

Switzerland vs. Latvia Tip, Prognosis & Odds 05/23/2023 (6)Latvia – Statistics & Current Form

Playing a home World Cup is always something very special. However, the Latvians have the disadvantage that Dinamo Riga, the national flagship club, has left the Russian-influenced KHL due to the political situation. Therefore, many Latvian players are no longer competing at the very high level, but have found accommodation in many European countries. For the NHL, however, it was not enough for any player.

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Now to the overview

World Cup hosts with four wins in a row

Nevertheless, the Latvian selection continues to fight for a place in the quarter-finals. As already described, they have everything in their own hands and with a little help, Latvia can make the playoffs even if they lose. A victory cannot be completely dismissed out of hand, because the Latvians have after a bumpy startlast four wins in a rowand, among other things, prevailed against the Czechs.

Between Switzerland and Latvia, the first forecast is still for a Swiss victory, but given the insignificance of this match for the Alpine republic, we would certainly also bet on a point win or even a victory for the LatviansBookmaker Bet365flirting, especially when the World Cup hosts still need to score to stay in the tournament.

In any case, the Latvian team will start this match fresh, because the team of Harijs Vitolins had to play the last game last Saturday. After the clear 7-0 victory over Kazakhstan, the Latvians now had two full days to recharge their batteries and regenerate. That could also be an indication that this game could be closer than the Swiss hope.

Latvia squad:

Tor: Silov, Gudjewski, Punnenov
Abwehr: Cukste, Balinskis, Cibulskis, Mamcic, Bergmanis, Jaks, Zile
Angriff: Krastenberg, Ri. Bukarts, Daugavins, Dzierkals, Abols, Balcers, Anderson, Dzerins, Indrasis, Ro. Bukarts, Smirnovs, Locmelis, Kenins
Head Coach: Vitolins

Last matches of Latvia:

Our Switzerland – Latvia tip in odds comparison 05/23/2023 – 1/2


Betting odds as of: 03.06.2023, 03:29

Switzerland – Latvia Direct Comparison / H2H Balance

Since the World Cup in 1999, Swiss and Latvians have crossed paths again and again. A total of 27 duels were recorded during this period. The direct comparison shows how the balance of power is stored between these two teams. The Eisgenossen are more than clear with 22:4 victories. Once there was also a draw.

But we have a big but in our luggage before the upcoming match, because on April 29th both teams met for a test match,in which the Latvians swept the Swiss off the ice with a score of 5:1.However, the Swiss didn't come to this test match with the full squad that is now available.

Statistics highlights forSwitzerland vs. Latvia Tip, Prognosis & Odds 05/23/2023 (8)Switzerland versus LatviaSwitzerland vs. Latvia Tip, Prognosis & Odds 05/23/2023 (9)

Betting Base Prediction &Switzerland vs. Latvia Tip, Prognosis & Odds 05/23/2023 (10)Switzerland – LatviaSwitzerland vs. Latvia Tip, Prognosis & Odds 05/23/2023 (11)Tipp

TheSchedule of the Ice Hockey World Championshipmakes it clear. Nothing is at stake for the Swiss and the Latvians will probably already have their quarter-final ticket on the way to the hall. Still, the atmosphere in the Riga Arena will be elated again as the fans want to roar their side to their fifth straight win, which would certainly be gold for confidence with the playoffs approaching.

With the Swiss, however, there is now an opponent on the ice who has won the last 16 group games at a World Cup and has currently won all six preliminary round games in regular time in Riga. But since rank one is already established, we can imagine that the ice cream connoisseurs will save a few grains and the second guard will get more playing time than usual. Therefore it could well be that between Switzerland and Latvia a bet on a Latvian success is right.

Key facts – Switzerland vs. Latvia tip

  • The Swiss have won the last 16 group games at a World Cup.
  • Latvia has recently celebrated four wins in a row.
  • At the end of April, the Latvians won a friendly against the ice mates 5-1.

In any case, we assume that not many goals will be scored. I bet he isBwin Appto less than 5.5 goals seem promising. But we actually see the most interesting value in the quotes on a Latvian success. In order to reduce the risk a bit in this regard, we have decided between Switzerland and Latviathe betting odds on a Latvian victory (H/A) possibly also in overtime or via penalties.

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Switzerland vs. Latvia Tip, Prognosis & Odds 05/23/2023 (12)Switzerland vs. LatviaSwitzerland vs. Latvia Tip, Prognosis & Odds 05/23/2023 (13)– best odds Ice Hockey World Cup 2023

Switzerland vs. Latvia Tip, Prognosis & Odds 05/23/2023 (14)SiegSwitzerland: 1.65 @bet365
Draw: 4.75 @Betway
Switzerland vs. Latvia Tip, Prognosis & Odds 05/23/2023 (15)SiegLatvia: 4.65 @Beta

Odds probabilities for win Switzerland / draw / win Latvia:




Switzerland vs. Latvia Tip, Prognosis & Odds 05/23/2023 (16)Switzerland – LatviaSwitzerland vs. Latvia Tip, Prognosis & Odds 05/23/2023 (17)– Betting odds * & other interesting bets at a glance:

Over / Under 5.5 goals
Over 5.5 goals: 1.95 @bet365
Under 5.5 goals: 1.86 @Bet365

Switzerland -1.5: 2.10 @Bet365
Latvia +1.5: 1.76 @Bet365

Betting odds as of: 05/22/2023, 18:56

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